Musician Alex James: Role Model with Duchenne

Role Models with Duchenne

As our children with Duchenne grow into adults, it’s amazing to watch the older generations trailblazing for the younger. It’s amazing to witness inspiring role models with Duchenne emerging from our community.

Our community’s role models are changing the world not just for children with Duchenne, but for all children everywhere. Everyone benefits from having role models with Duchenne.

One of those amazing role models is Alex James.

Alex James

Alex James has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He is in his mid 20s, has studied music for years and works as a music teacher in the UK.

He’s also the front man for his very own band, Alex James.

Music has always played a big role for Alex in coping with the trials of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and he wants to share that with others. For Alex, “the important part is what the music means and does for me and others, helping to inspire others and fill others with hope, especially with a diagnosis of Duchenne.”

In addition to helping people on a personal level, Alex also wants to change the face of the music industry. Alex wants to help redefine and broaden the type of performers that are welcome in the industry, and the type of performers that fans accept. He wants to show the world that an individual with a disability can contribute meaningfully to the world of music.

The band has several original songs, with 2 singles already released and one more (called “Tell Me”) on the way in early September. Stay up to date on their performances and releases by following their Facebook page Alex James – Band.

We invite you to get to know Alex and his band better during a special edition of The Duchenne Life. We will livestream the interview to the Family, Friends and Duchenne Facebook page on Saturday August 21, 2022 and also publish it to our podcast for future listening.

You can also watch the interview with Alex James on our YouTube channel.