Mondays – For Bereaved Parents

with Melanie Mackie and Joeanne Smith

Bereaved DMD Parents Support Group

Bereaved DMD Parents Support Group
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CST- Mondays 6:30 PM
United Kingdom – Tuesdays 12:30 AM
Sweden – Tuesdays 1:30 AM
Australia – Tuesdays 11:30 AM
New Zealand time – Tuesdays 1:30 PM

Even though your child with DMD is no longer physically here, your whole family is still an important part of our Duchenne community. While it may look and feel different, your life is still very much a journey with Duchenne. 

This group is a weekly event filled with friendship and support. We invite the Bereaved parents of children who are missing their children with Duchenne to join us. We talk, laugh and cry about how sad, strange and surreal it all is.

We also invite you to join these Facebook support groups for parents who have lost children to Duchenne – just in case you need support in between meetings.

About Our Hosts

Melanie Mackie

Joeanne Smith (on the right)