Kids Have Questions, Too

Kids Have Questions About Duchenne, Too

“Dad, why does Mike’s dad carry him up our stairs? Is he just lazy?”

“Mom, why does Pete yell and scream so much when things don’t go his way? Is he spoiled?”

“Grandma, why does Sam use a really big stroller? He’s not a baby anymore…”

“Mrs. Jones… how come Robert sits a lot during recess? Why doesn’t he want to play with us?”

Just like adults, kids have questions about Duchenne, too. These BrainPop videos on YouTube – in both English and Spanish – are just some of the many outstanding kid resources to start those Duchenne conversations with our younger generations.

At just 4 minutes long, it’s a great intro for siblings, cousins, peers or classmates to learn a little more about their family member or friend with Duchenne.

The video covers a wide variety of Duchenne topics – from Gower’s maneuver to fatty deposits in muscles to the power chair to basic genetics – in an interesting, kid friendly way. Any of the topics it covers could start great conversations between a child and an adult.

Kids have questions…let’s talk with them.

Let’s talk about Duchenne.

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