A Sister’s Goodbye

by Stephanie Jones

About the author:

Stephanie Jones’ younger brother, Bradley, had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He seemed to be in good health. He was even walking at 22 years old. But the day before her 26th birthday, Stephanie Jones’ brother passed away. The fatal ventricular tachycardia took everyone by surprise. This is the letter Stephanie wrote on her 26th birthday to read at her brother’s, Bradley’s, funeral.


When you were born, the greatest thing happened to me.

I became a sister, but not just any sister; I became yours. You were a gift given to me, perhaps one of the greatest gifts I could have ever received. I was your big sister; someone you were supposed to look up to but the truth is you taught me more than I could teach you.

I only wish that I could have seen the world the way you did. You always wanted to know how things worked and why. I remember the way you would tear things apart and put them back together. You had a thoughtful, curious mind and were smarter than anyone I knew. You knew a little something about everything.

You were my best friend and we were inseparable. We often could read each other’s minds and had many inside jokes. We loved to laugh and did so often. Our conversations were deep. We could talk for hours about philosophy.

I will never forget your laugh. I will never forget the way your eyes turned a golden brown in the sunlight. We had a special bond that no one could compete with and you were the strongest person I ever met.

You never did let DMD stop you from living a normal life. You were a very bound and determined person. So many people could learn from you, including myself.

You are no longer in pain little brother. You are running and laughing with Jesus now. That is what keeps me going and I know you wouldn’t have it any other way. You’d want me to stay strong and hold on to our memories together. There are so many wonderful ones.

I am blessed to be called your sister and I will spend the rest of my life honoring you. ‘Till we meet again, little bro. I love you so much. There are no words to express it. I can feel you in my heart with every beat.

Thank you for all you were to me. Your life touched mine and so many others.


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