The Marriage Penalty

The Marriage Penalty for the Disabled in America

With new research, medical advancements and promising treatments, more individuals with Duchenne are living well into adulthood. However, American society actually prevents them from enjoying many basic rights for adults – all in the name of access to healthcare.

Due to a variety of reasons, adults with Duchenne frequently rely on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) to provide the extensive health care they need. However, eligibility for enrollment and maintaining benefits are intricately connected to keeping their income and assets minimal. This limitation necessarily directs their choices about participating in basic adult activities – like working, accepting promotions, cohabitating and even getting married.

SSI/SSDI rules give the illusion of choice, but in reality there is no choice. This article by Forbes magazine explains the situation in much more detail. The information is incredibly valuable.

Our adults with Duchenne are beginning to win the longevity battle but they still have many other battles ahead of them. As a community, we can help.

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