Top Life Coach, Dr. Ryan Russell

One of the Silver Linings in Duchenne

Dr. Ryan Russell

One of the silver linings in this Duchenne journey is the people. Despite our own pain and heartache, we somehow find a way to help other individuals and families who are also struggling. In our Duchenne community, there are always amazing people and amazing organizations available to help.

One of those amazing people is Dr. Ryan Russell. Dr. Russell is a 40 year old Life Coach living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Living with Duchenne has taught Dr. Russell to always have hope and purpose.

Finding Your Personal Hope & Purpose

Dr. Russell is the founder of Life on Positivity, his own Life Coaching business. If anyone was ever meant to be a life coach and help other people with their struggles, it’s Dr. Russell.

In addition to Dr. Russell’s talent for public speaking (see below), he also spurs positive change in people’s lives through one-on-one life coaching. Keeping true to his dedication to our community, Dr. Russell extends a reduced rate for his life coaching services to individuals with Duchenne and their families.

Dr. Russell’s Hope & Purpose

By following those two guiding lights – hope and purpose – Dr. Russell has earned his PhD in Psychology and is also a Life Coach, public speaker, author and workshop developer.

Dr. Russell has been a PPMD Adult Advisory Committee member since January 2022 and was recently named the Twitch Coordinator for Jett Foundation.

Dr. Russell is the DMD Family Life Director for Family, Friends and Duchenne, as well as a contributing writer, and a Co-Host for The Duchenne Life talk show & podcast.

He also serves on the Wheelchair Advisory Committee for All Wheels Up, an organization dedicated to improving quality of airplane travel for individuals using wheelchairs.

Dr. Russell was the Purpose & Goals workshop coordinator at PPMD’s 2022 Annual Conference, he was named one of USA Today’s Top Coaches and also received a Crea Global Award from Brainz Magazine… all in the past year.

Thank you so much, Dr. Russell, for your compassion, kindness, honesty and commitment to our community. 

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