Inclusive Books for Kids

Inclusive Books for Kids

Most of our community is quite familiar with the feeling of being an outsider.

From the medical equipment to the behavior differences, learning differences, personality quirks, and so much more, it’s often all too foreign or unfamiliar for extended family and friends to overcome.

While societal inclusion of individuals with disabilities has definitely progressed over the past several decades, a little more momentum probably wouldn’t hurt.

Together, we can help make that happen.

It’s a simple thing, really, talking with children about the similarities and differences between humans. Their questions typically guide the whole conversation.

Getting it started can sometimes be the awkward part, which is why reading books to them that include individuals with disabilities works wonders.

An inclusive story easily provides conversations, stories and images of individuals with disabilities. These, in turn, should serve to breakdown fears, assumptions and stigma about individuals with disabilities.

Part of the beauty is that inclusive books aren’t just for kids without disabilities. Far from it. Those books can help the children with disabilities, too.

Seeing images of kids like them, hearing stories of kids like them, having conversations about kids like them – that makes disabilities more familiar for our disabled loved ones, too, and ultimately underscores the fact that we all have far more similarities than differences.

And really, that no one should be left on the outskirts.

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