Duchenne Video Series by World Duchenne Organization

Strictly speaking, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is defined by the lack of dystrophin in the muscles and in the brain. Practically speaking, however, it doesn’t stop there.

Since muscles are such an integral part of the body, there’s a cascading effect of bodily systems affected by the lack of dystrophin. Symptoms of Duchenne will manifest themselves in learning & relationships, in breathing, heart function, eating & digestion, sleep, stress levels, bone health, puberty, emergencies and surgeries.

It’s a lot to learn. It’s a lot to remember. It’s a lot to explain to concerned family and friends – which is exactly why we love this video series created by the World Duchenne Organization. Each video is under 3 minutes long and explains just one topic simply and clearly.

These World Duchenne Organization videos can help so many people in our community. From the Duchenne family entering a new phase of disease management, to extended family and friends, and even to teachers & therapists, they are a great way to spread a little knowledge about Duchenne.

Psychosocial Concerns


Daily Care

Long Term Care

Growing Up

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