I Feel Like I’m Normal…

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Ryan Schmidt, a.k.a Wheelz the Rapper, is a talented 30 year old musician with Duchenne. He loves music. Passionately.

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I Feel Like I’m Normal…

Having Duchenne is hard sometimes but life is hard sometimes. Duchenne for me, it has its challenges. I try not to think about them.

I feel like I’m normal and don’t have anything wrong with me. That’s just how I feel.

I had friends growing up and my childhood was like a normal one. I stopped walking when I was 7. I was diagnosed when I was 4. It was harder on my mom than me. It didn’t stop me from being a kid.

I see my family just about the same as anybody else, so it doesn’t really affect me in that way.

My social life is good.  It’s just I have to wait on people for me to be able to get out of the house. I had to learn to be patient from a young age. My social life has been online nowadays.

I don’t really worry about girlfriends that much. I’m more focused on my music. But a girlfriend would be nice. I do think about it… I have a friend that has Duchenne and he has a wife so I know that’s possible.

A lot of people have surprised me how little they know about Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

I have had someone stop their car and pray for me in the street one time. I have flipped my wheelchair over three times and every time there was someone to help.

I’m not really surprised there’s good people out there. I know there’s more good people than bad.

Duchenne gives you
a different perspective on life.

You learn to cherish the moments.
You learn that life is short.
You learn how to adapt.
You learn how to stay positive.
You learn that your life is still a blessing,
Even with a life threatening disease.
You learn to think about what you can do
And try not to think about what you can’t.

Wheelz The Rapper

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  2. What a wonderful outlook to have in life. My nephew Leslie Crowley has the same illness and continues to live his life doing’s all that he loves. He is my inspiration for never giving up no matter what life throws at you. I love him with all my heart. I’m proud that you both live your lives out loud and proudly

  3. Thank you, Wheelz, for sharing your feelings. My 34 year old son has a positive attitude about life as well. Your life truly is still a blessing and I’m sure that the people who know you are glad to have you in their lives.

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