Duchenne Siblings Support Network

The “Unaffected Ones”

Siblings of individuals with Duchenne are often called the “unaffected ones.” But they’re not. Although they may not have Duchenne themselves, they are still definitely affected by it.

The siblings desperately need support from the adults in their lives and to connect with others like them in order to process it all. This support and connection is exactly why the Duchenne Siblings Network is so valuable to our community.

Duchenne Siblings Support Network

In addition to their Facebook page available to everyone, Duchenne Siblings Support Network has a Facebook group just for siblings of individuals with Duchenne. It’s a place to chat, vent, ask questions and to be with others who “get it.”

They also host “Siblings Spotlights,” which are interviews with different Duchenne siblings about their personal experiences. It’s a great resource for siblings, adults and even individuals with Duchenne themselves to learn about the siblings’ experiences.

You can find “Siblings Spotlight” on the Duchenne Siblings Support Network website and YouTube channel. Our favorite episode right now is with Claire O’Hanlon, who is a Duchenne sibling, a mother of a child with Duchenne and also a mother of a Duchenne sibling.

Lastly, Duchenne Siblings Support Network collaborated with Duchenne Data Foundation about Duchenne siblings on June 3rd, 2022. Check it out here.

Thank you!

Thank you to Hazel Weaver, Peter Duffy, and all of Duchenne Siblings Support Network for your valuable work for our community!