Duchenne Dad’s Chat

One of the silver linings in this Duchenne journey is the people. Despite our own pain and heartache, we somehow find a way to help others who are also struggling. In our Duchenne community, there are always amazing people and amazing organizations available to help.

Some of those amazing people have created a Duchenne Dad’s Chat.

The group started as a series of Zoom calls organized by Trey Boyer and sponsored by Jett Foundation. Over time, interest changed from the Zoom calls to chatting through messenger. This new setup seems to work really well for many Duchenne Dads.

The group is pretty active. Numbers vary, but there are typically around 50 dads in it. Several dads share with the group most days. Others have the group on mute and chime in when they have a question. The most activity is when a new dad is added with new questions.

If you are interested in joining the Duchenne Dad’s Chat, please contact Trey Boyer, Ashish Naran, Jason Thompson or Bruce Ward. One of them will need to add you as a Facebook friend so you can then be added to the group.

If you need help contacting Trey, Ashish, Jason or Bruce, we would be happy to assist you.

For those dads who are interested in Zoom style webinars, please visit our Fathering a Child with Duchenne event page.