Suicidal Thoughts and Duchenne

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The Duchenne Life:
Suicidal Thoughts and Duchenne


It’s not a topic discussed much, especially in the disabled community.

Unfortunately, the rate of suicidal ideation is actually higher in the disabled community than in the general population. Even within the disabled community itself, these thoughts of suicide, suicide plans and attempts appear to occur more often in a population with limited functional abilities or limited capacity for self-care.

In other words, our Duchenne community likely has one of the highest rates of suicide contemplation, plans and attempts in society.

We need to talk about it.

This week on The Duchenne Life, we discuss the toll that Duchenne takes on our mental and emotional health as individuals with Duchenne, the depression that we experience, and the thoughts of suicide that many of us struggle with at times throughout our lives with Duchenne.

Our special guest this week is Matthew Busch, an adult with Duchenne and also a great friend of ours and the show. He will share with us his struggles with depression and the suicidal ideologies that he has experienced more than once during his life. Dr. Natalie Truba, psychologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, will also join us to contribute to the discussion.

These are hard conversations for many, even healthcare providers, but they are truly important conversations to have with our loved ones with Duchenne.

As they struggle with the realities of Duchenne and the havoc that it causes with every aspect of their lives, they need to know they’re not alone. They need to know they can talk about it. They need to know there is help. They need to know there is hope.

Please join us.