Hawk’s-Eye View

Hawken Miller is a young journalist in his mid twenties. He also has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. In addition to many other projects, Hawken writes a weekly column for Muscular Dystrophy News called Hawk’s-Eye View.

Hawken’s column is a great resource for anyone who wants to better understand the social challenges that a teen or young adult with Duchenne faces and ways to include the individual with DMD in our social lives. His insight is thought provoking and honest.

He’s written articles about building friendship with DMD, schooling, work, physical limitations, caregivers, the awkwardness of asking others for help, the DMD silver linings in COVID, and so much more.

Below are just a few of our favorite quotes from Hawken. Visit his column and we guarantee that you’ll find more.


“I don’t feel as bad for myself when I take the view that I’m not disabled, but rather different from the person next to me, like every human is.”

from Why I Don’t View Myself as Disabled

Social Life in General

“My best advice for adolescents with Duchenne is to forge your own path and befriend those who share your outlook and interests…”

from Friendships Matter…

Friends with Duchenne

“It’s like we’re on a journey together, teaming up to slay the beasts that try to diminish us.”

from The Value of Having Friends…

Choosing a Profession

“I realize that having a full-time job as well as Duchenne… can be challenging. Balancing my time between self-care, including stretching and doctor’s appointments, and work can be physically and emotionally draining. That’s why you must find a job that is a good fit for your situation.”

from Finding a Job That’s a Good Fit…

Standards of an Able-bodied World

“Looking back, it was completely unfair to subject myself to the standards of an able-bodied world. I should have been focused on how well I was doing despite a terrible diagnosis.”

from Avoiding the Folly of Comparison

Our Parents

“Parents, keep up the long, hard fight. Thank you for making daily sacrifices to improve our lives. We love you more than you know.”

from An Open Letter to Duchenne Parents