DMD Discussions with DJ Kimble

Every day is a challenge, but every day is also an opportunity.– DJ Kimble

DJ Kimble

Personal Experiences

  • 43 years old with Duchenne
  • oldest of 3 siblings
  • isolation
  • depression
  • anxiety

Medical Experiences

  • spinal fusion
  • G Tube
  • trach
  • non-verbal
  • eye gaze communication

Education, Work & Volunteering

  • attended public school through high school
  • self-educated after high school
  • certified Life Coach
  • graduate of Duchenne Patient Academy
  • COO at Family, Friends and Duchenne
  • PAAC secretary for PPMD
  • Ambassador for Jett Foundation

Romantic Relationships

  • currently a bachelor, but would love to change that

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