“Girls, Girls, Girls” by Ricky Tsang

about the author:

Ricky Tsang was a pillar in our Duchenne community for years. From his website DearRicky.com, to his Facebook group We Are Dystrophin, to his first book, Ridiculous: The Mindful Nonsense of Ricky’s Brain, Ricky’s priority was helping and advocating for our community – well, that and romancing women.

Shortly before passing away in 2016, Ricky shared the manuscript for his second book with me. It was never published and we would like to share it now with our DMD community.

Girls, Girls, Girls!
“Inspirational: My Big Mechanical Derriere”
—Chapter 1, Part 2—

Mother told me that as a baby, I smiled at all the pretty nurses while they were giving me shots. It scared their skirts off! Since then, I’ve had a great sense of wonder and fascination towards the female gender. I remember this adorable girl winking and smiling at me in kindergarten. We were in line, waiting to leave the classroom, and as we continued flirting, the annoying kid from behind started eating my hair, which kind of ruins the moment! I never saw her again, but the teacher paid much attention to me. She often made me stay behind just to pinch my tender cheeks. 

Then I had a “girlfriend” in grade one named Janine. She was a cute little blonde from grade two who crafted dotted alphabets so I could learn to write quicker, but ended up leaving me for some pretty Asian boy. Ryan! I did what any perfect gentleman would have done and stole her favorite pen and made her cry, though gave it back because I hated seeing girls cry, and Mrs. Hendren made me.  

And I wouldn’t forget little Karen. She snowballed me after I kindly invited her to my home… and jumped on her to steal a kiss! I was a wild one as a six year old boy, but little did I know that my challenges would officially begin only a year later when I was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

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